SourcetekIT is a leader in cyber security services. Our team of 50+ cyber security professionals, including Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIE) and individuals with top-level security clearances (US Fed Security Clearance), are committed to spreading awareness of cyber security risks and practices. In our news features, we discuss all things cyber security; from the importance of cyber security to ways in which individuals and organizations can protect their data from sophisticated cyber criminals.

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SourcetekIT is Proud to Be Named as a CyberSecure Canada Accreditation Body

SourcetekIT is named as one of the accreditation bodies for the new federal cybersecurity program, CyberSecure Canada. This program will help SMBs achieve a baseline level of cybersecurity and give their customers greater confidence.

Why Your Midsize Business Needs a Virtual SOC

Cyber security is an important aspect of business for organizations of all sizes. Unfortunately, many small to midsize businesses struggle to find the funds to support such a project. Until now. With a virtual SOC, smaller businesses can access affordable, high quality services.

Fastest Risers on CDN Top 100 List

SourcetekIT is named one of the top 4 fastest risers on the CND Top 100 Solution Providers. In this brief interview with Channel Daily News, CEO Rajiv Jolly discusses the biggest challenge as a cyber security firm is the knowledge gap among customers.


6 Ways to Make Your Devices More Secure

When you’re using a digital device, it’s important to understand that your behavior can be monitored, both by cyber criminals and organizations that you have unknowingly granted access to. With these tips, you can add extra security and peace of mind.


Why Virtual Security Officers are Replacing Onsite Teams

As our understanding of cyber security advances, so do our practices. One of these practices is the abandonment of onsite security teams for their virtual counterparts. In this blog we discuss how this new practice is providing superior cyber security services.


Is a CEO the Greatest Cyber Security Risk to their Company?

There are many factors that contribute to an organization’s vulnerability, with internal behavior being the cause of a majority of security breaches. However, too often are high level executives overlooked as the culprits.


The Hacking of Advanced Technology in Our Homes and Businesses

Today’s high-tech society welcomes the latest gadgets into our homes and businesses with open arms. Despite the many benefits these devices bring to our lives, they also make us extremely vulnerable to breaches of privacy.

Cyber Security Practices for Remote Workers

The rise of a remote workforce has brought with it major security risks- but this doesn’t mean your organization has to suffer. By incorporating these security practices, you can limit your organization’s vulnerabilities and strengthen your overall cyber security.

SourcetekIT SOC

SourcetekIT Explains SOC: Security Operations Center

As the SOC experts (with the only Government certified SOC in Canada), SourcetekIT explores the purpose and value of SOCs, as well as the rise in popularity of virtual SOC providers. Discover how a SOC can improve your business.


8 Cost-Effective and Critical Cybersecurity Tips For Startups

Cybersecurity breaches are a major challenge for companies of all sizes. But when it comes to startups, even one cyber breach can destroy the entire operation. Cybersecurity attacks happen every day to businesses around the world.